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Unstructured hair and skin problems could be easily sorted out

Nothing is perfect as we all know, Laser cannot just remove 100% of the hair from almost everyone's body so you even need to look after the treatment yourself. The optimum result is around 90% hair reduction is done on the treated areas. But it is one of the best and most recommended by all the professionals , yes the laser hair treatment. So we all have one of the most recommended and the best hair removal treatment in chandigarh.The Laser Hair Removal is not for every type of person. The people with skin type I or the skin type VI may not fit for all such types of treatment.(Not so sure about your skin types? Test it with Dr. Bansals Skin care treatment clinic in chandigarh). So you can comfortably go for the bestest laser hair removal.

People with the Skin Type I and with the skin type Red, and then the White, or then the pure Blonde hair that will not even have a that good results for any kind of a laser hair removal treatments in the entire market. Our recommendation is like electrolysis; People with the Skin Type - VI are very good candidates for the ND-Yag or even quite few Diode Lasers only. It will gently take more of the sessions, sometimes more than that of the double, to achieve within the optimum results.Touch up are genuinely required in most of the people, two touch up per year is always recommended by most of the best dermatologists.

Effectiveness for such permanent hair removal. Hence in terms of the effectiveness on your Skin Type if I-IV, Electrolysis is one of the the best options, followed by te Alexandra and also the Diode laser (similar results), then that of a ND-YAG laser.The laser sounds quite scary, but then of course with the newer technology you could get a permanent hair removal In chandigarh, it could be a very pain free.