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Cutting edge technology for remodelling full  body 

Cooltech procedure works through an action mechanism that is based on the principle of the vulnerability of the fatty tissue and fat cells to temperature changes and the controlled cooling of adipose tissue produces a controlled cell death. Cooltech technology is one of the effective non-surgical full body contouring treatments that easily  removes exercise and diet-resistant fat bulges. This technology has offered  an efficacious way to lessen fat from areas like the stomach, neck, thighs, back, buttocks, etc.This is a safe  and effective procedure that includes no cuts or no scars and is the best non-invasive alternative to surgical liposuction.


What are the benefits of cooltech treatment?

Cooltech treatment allows the subcutaneous fat reduction in different areas of the body by controlled cooling technology.

  • The results look very natural, as they develop gradually in the weeks following the surgery.
  • There is minimum risk of regaining weight and results are long-lasting
  • Short treatment time
  • Short recovery period
  • Non-invasive

How many sessions  will I need?

The sessions will depend on the patient 1-3 sessions in the same area every 10-12 weeks

How long will the treatment last?

We recommend a 70 minutes treatment session for the area that is to be treated.

Is  the procedure painful ?

Due to very cold temperatures some patients may feel some discomfort but  this happens only during the first few minutes of the treatment

When will the results be visible ?

From the first 15 days, the results will be visible  and  keep on improving  till the third month after the treatment.

How long does the recovery take?

The best  part is that the procedure allows the patients to return to their daily activity just within a few days.